Class Descriptions

Advanced Armor Chain Maille:  This is an Advanced Class.  Must have knowledge of basic armor or other chain maille sheet techniques.

All Crossed Up Necklace: This cross-weave necklace uses top-drilled beads and looks like a million dollars.

Antique Serpentine Necklace: Use Seed Beads to make curves around Fire Polished beads in this necklace.

Art Deco Fan:  Use seed beads and bugle beads to make this bracelet.

Aruba Bracelet: This bracelet incorporates glass pearls, bicones, and seed beads.

Beginning Jewelry: This is a “must” class for any beginning beader.  Learn to string and crimp, the importance of bead placement and color, and be on your way to making beautiful jewelry.

Beginning Peyote:  Learn flat even-count peyote, another off-the-loom weaving technique, using larger beads to make a beautiful bracelet.

Beginning Wire Work:  Learn basic wire wrapping techniques while making a beautiful bracelet or earrings.

Bezeled Button or Cabochon:  Peyote around a 27-mm button or cabochon to make a pendent.

Bezeled Dragonfly Button: Kits will be available.  Turn a button into wearable art.

Braided Wire Bracelet:  Combine wire and beads to make this bracelet.

Celline Spiral:  This stitch uses size 15, 11, 8, and 6 seed beads for a beautiful spiral accent piece (beaded bead), or made longer into a bracelet or necklace.

Celtic Visions Chain Maille Bracelet:  Make this bracelet with two different colored jump rings.  If you have had Michael’s Basic Chain Maille class, you will be able to complete this bracelet.

Cha Cha Bracelet:  Wire Wrap your favorite beads to make this great bracelet.

Chenille Stitch Bracelet:   Use seed beads to make this beaded bangle.

Christmas Spiral Bracelet:  Learn spiral rope while making a bracelet.

Combination Necklace: After much nagging, I have written up the directions for the necklace on displayed at the store.  This necklace combines, embellished Right Angle Weave, Ndebele (Herringbone), and Brick Stitch.

Cross-Weave Bracelet:  Learn the two-needle version of Right Angle Weave.

Crystal Wave Necklace:  Make this beautiful necklace using 4-mm crystals and size 11 seed beads.

Dagger Earrings:  Make earrings using seed beads, fire polished beads, and daggers. 

Dragon Scale Chain Maille:  This is an Intermediate Class.  Must have a basic knowledge of chain maille.

Ear “Ring”: Learn tubular peyote while making a pair of earrings.  Change up the colors and make it into a Christmas wreath.

Egyptian Collar:  Make this necklace using a variation of Right Angle Weave.

Flat Spiral: This off-the-loom weaving technique makes beautiful bracelet that can now be reversible – one side for day, and one for night.  Dress it up, or play it down, your choice.  Make it longer for a great necklace.  I will show you how to keep the ends from flopping, while filling in the blank units.

Forest Floor Bracelet: Bring a peyote base to embellish for this one of a kind, make it your own, bracelet.

Freeform Netting: We will show you how to take netting to the next level.  Make a necklace with seed beads and fire polished beads.  Add a focal bead for added interest.

French Beaded Flowers:  Learn to make poinsettias out of beads and wire.

Full Persian Chain Maille:  This is an Intermediate Class.  Must have a basic knowledge of chain maille.

Geometric Squares: Use Seed Beads to make this geo-shaped necklace.

Half Persian Chain Maille:  Use jump rings to make a bracelet of necklace.

Herringbone Wire Bracelet:  Stop by to see this beautiful bracelet using wire and beads to make a wrapped-bead bracelet.

Kumihimo: Learn this braiding technique using a kumihimo disk.

Leather Cord Wrapped Bracelet: Use 4-mm or 6-mm round beads along with leather cord to make this popular summer bracelet. This will be the single-wrapped version, but you will be able to a make multi-wraps version once you learn this technique.

Metals and Diamonds: Use metallic seed beads in sizes 15/0 and 11/0, along with metal “hot dogs” and 3-mm crystals to make this cross-weave bracelet.

Moon Over Daggers Necklace, Gail Engle:  Make this necklace using coin beads, seed beads, and daggers.

Ndebele (Herringbone): Learn this stitch while making a bracelet using large beads.

Netted Cuff:  Learn the netting stitch while making a cuff bracelet.

Orchid Necklace:  Use seed beads to make an orchid design that may be used as a pendent of embellishment to a necklace or bracelet.

Pearl Knotting:  Learn to knot between the pearls using silk or nylon cord and knotting tweezers.

Powtowami Stitch: This is a Native American stitch.  It works up into a beautiful bracelet, anklet, or necklace.

Right Angle Weave (RAW): Learn this off-the-loom weaving technique while making a wonderful bracelet. Three different styles to choose from.

Right Angle Weave – Bits and Pieces Bracelet: Use up some of your smaller beads, pearls, crystals, and seed beads making this bracelet.

Rings and Things: Using wire and beads create a ring suitable for a man or woman.

Ring around the Tila:  Make a beautiful bracelet using tila beads.  Open to all beading levels.  Knowledge of Peyote helpful, but not necessary.  Must be comfortable with needle and thread bead weaving.

Ruffled Tila Cuff, Connie Lewis. This is a great class for expanding your peyote knowledge using seed beads, tila beads, and drop beads.

Russian Spiral:  Go “tubular” with this version of spiral peyote.  This stitch requires two sizes of beads, 11s and 8s.  Dress it up with up to 4 different colors of the 8s.  You may also mix in hex beads for a textured look.

Serpentine Lace Bracelet:  This versatile stitch may be made using different beads.  The Christmas sample is made with red harlequin beads.

Spiral Rope:  This great stitch works up quickly and makes a wonderful necklace, bracelet, or anklet.

Square Cubed Necklace:  Use seed beads to make an Ndebele chain, and squared beads.  String together the square seed bead beaded beads and the cube crystals to make this necklace.

Star Burst Ring: Use seed beads and crystals to make a Bling, Bling Ring.

Starfish: This 3-D peyote-stitched starfish makes a great pendent of a pin. It may also be used as an accent to a freeform necklace.

Syrian Chain Maille:  This is an Advanced Class.  You need a good knowledge of chain maille for this class.

Tear Drop Necklace: Learn to bring two strands into one using a cross-weave technique. 

Tierra Necklace:  Combine stringing and wire work to make this beautiful necklace.

Tree of Life:  Make a wire pendent with twisted wire and beads of choice.

Twin Bead Necklace:  Make the lovely necklace using twin beads and seed beads components. Weave them together for a necklace or bracelet.

Two by Two:  This is Pam’s own off-the-loom bead weaving pattern.  Bet you can’t make just one.  Off-the-loom weaving uses two needles and beading thread.

Victorian Lace Redeaux: Make this beautiful pearl and crystal bracelet to go with your party dress or your blue jeans.

Wire Scroll Earrings:  These are Pam’s favorite earrings.  Make these wire and crystal earrings to wear with everything.

Wire Wrapped Donut:  Use a stone or wooded donut along with square and round copper wire to make this pendent.